EE Lab Computers

Log into any Windows-based EE lab PC using "your Blackboard username and password.".


The labs are primarily intended for doing ENGINEERING WORK required in E.E. classes. Students needing to complete Electrical Engineering classwork may "bump" you if they need a machine and you are just Web surfing, etc.


The E.E. labs are intended for E.E. students only, and any EE student who needs to can get their own Electronic Lock Combination , so don't give your number to anyone else and don't open the door when people knock.


Only the E.E. technical staff are able to install software on systems. If you believe there is additional software that should be available on classroom computers, contact us . The EE lab PC's use Deep Freeze to prevent changes system software and preerences. Files can only be saved to user flash drives or to the local D: drive.


File sharing software such as Kazaa, Morpheus, BitTorrent is not permitted on classroom computers for both legal and technical reasons. PLEASE BACK UP YOUR WORK on flash drives or network sites. Other users may accidentally or intentionally erase files, and the machines are periodically reformatted/reloaded, so files left on the hard drive are NOT SECURE.


Don't erase anything that was on the computer when you turned it on.


If you leave your homework files on a computer, you are letting other users come and take advantage of YOUR hard work.


Report any software difficulties to the Engineering Electronics Shop.


Improper or excessive computer keyboard use can give you a Repetitive Strain Injury. A page is under construction to help you avoid being a statistic in the epidemic of RSI.


Networked computers are a great tool, but be sure that network exploration doesn't turn into a crime . Also, out of consideration for other users in a classroom, do not run programs or websites that produce distracting noise (games) or that display offensive/explicit pictures.


Besides these things, it is important that these rooms are secure and clean.