New Parts Inventory


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Power Module






L298N 2A Dual H Bridge







5 volt 1 Amp DPDT Relay




Nokia 5110 Graphic LCD Display





360 Rotary Encoder Module






Solder Bread Board Half

Double Sided/Solder Mask/Plated Holes






Solder Bread Board Full

Double Sided/Solder Mask/Plated Holes






TSC3200 Color Sensor







Sweial Interface Module for Arduino 1602 LCD






MQ-7 Carbon Monoxide Sensor for Arduino









DC 5V Stepper Motor 4-Phase 5 line Driver Board





Line Tracker





Gear Motor





SMA to SMA Cable





New Digital Multimeter





Logic Pirate Case






USB Mobile Charger Battery Case





Stepper Motor 5V 4-Phase & UNL2003 Driver Board





5V Micro USB 1A 18650 Lithium Battery Charging Module





3.7 VDC 3000 Li-ion Batteries





H- Bridge





Bluetooth Module





Relay Module 5v




Solar Cell Flexible




Thumb Joystick




Arduino Shield Prototyping Board




FS90 Servo Continuous




9Volt Battery Holder for Arduino




Acrylic Case For Arduino Uno




Assorted Fans




Bumper for Arduino Uno




2x16 LCD 5V



Adjustable Teperature 50W Soldering Iron




2.4Ghz Wireless Datat Transceiver Module




FET Module




MiniGrabber Test Lead Set





ADXL335 3-Axis +-3 g Accelerometer





HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Transducer







Desolder Iron





SG90 Servo




Logic Pirate




Arduino Uno




Innovationboard Arduino compatible




USB to Serial Adapter Module




Mean Well Power Supply 5V 3A




Solder paste 25-45um 50 grams





New Project Boxes




Terminal Strip, 12 Position




100 Lumen, Super Bright, Cool White SMD LED




PIR Sensor, Raspberry Pi, Arduino Compatible





Sensor Piezo Film with and without mass.




LCD Display (1x16)




Stepper motor 96 Step



40 pin jumpers for headers or bread boards, can be stripped to any size.



Speaker pcb mount, 12mm



Laser Diode 3V, <40mA




Car lock Solenoid & Hardware