Laser Cutting and Engraving



P-Series Professional 24x16 CO2 90W Laser






The E.E. Shop now has a 24" x 16" laser cutter/engraver. We can cut up to 1/2" acrylic and wood. The wood cannot have any glue in it, plywood mdf etc we will not cut. It can engrave tile, slate, ceramic, glass etc. You must provide the acryilic and or wood. The surcharge is $5.00 for cutting or engraving. Complicated cuts may cost more. The file format should be DXF or PDF for cutting. Engraving should be in MS Word or PDF. Please leave us some room to work with we have to line things up by eye their is no camera for lining it up. As for the time it takes it depends how busy we are, most time could be sameday or maybe the next day. Paying for a cut or engrave can be paid by N-Card, cash or check. For more information contact Tom Grady.